Our Dorset food truck catering services can be hired for any sort of event or party from wedding evening food to a food fayre or private party. With a wide range of culinary options the choices really are endless!


The H Van

She still has her original engine so she is fully mobile and can go where she is needed. If that’s in a field or on the tarmac we can bring amazing food to you! She is fully fitted with a gas griddle and fryers so is completely self sufficient.

food truck catering in dorset at corfe castle

Easy In Easy Out

Fully maintained our food truck is a fantastic runner meaning she can arrive and be ready to serve almost immediately. Packing away and leaving with no mess is even easier.

mobile caterers in dorset woodland

all the space you need

With absolutely everything, we need to cater for your event contained within the food truck we just need a space to position, park and serve, and that is it.

crab apple mobile catering on the south coast

unique dining experience

Perfect for a party or the end of a wedding, the look, feel, mouth-watering smells, and incredible tastes provided by our food truck makes for an awesome experience.

food truck catering in Dorset countryside

Ask us about

our food truck catering

If you would like to book our food truck for your event please contact us.

book hettie early

Food Truck Catering

If you are looking for food van catering for your event in Dorset then you will need to book way ahead of time as Hettie The H Van is so very popular.

For events parties etc

quicker than pizza

run by a business owner

food truck catering in evening

Your old-school Citreon food truck was fantastic. I’ve never seen so much food come from a small space in such a short space of time. It looks super cool and the food was super tasty. We are looking to hire it again for all of our birthday parties and other celebrations.

Cecilia Broomford