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Our schools catering is incredibly easy and free to set up and it is all managed behind the scenes by Crab Apple Catering

We are primarily motivated to achieve 100% clean plates, our knowledge and experience rely on feedback from children, parents, and school lunchtime assistants.

Custom Software

We have designed and created our own ‘easy to use’ school meal ordering software with active customer support

Low Food Milage

All of our food is freshly prepared in our HQ in Swanage first thing in the morning and delivered at lunchtime to our local schools.

Fresh As It gets

From our oven to your plate within 35 minutes. All of our tasty school meals are as fresh as it gets.


“Thank you Crab Apple, you have saved us from the toxic, beyond awful food”

7 Year Old School Pupil


Comparing Dorset Schools Catering

Crab Apple catering

Popular Schools Caterer

Family Run Business?

<3hrs from ingredients to serving

minimum food miles

software designed with parents feedback

ability to talk to chefs

small team of local employees

Personal customer service

Home Cooked Food

Menus developed with parents and Schools

Feedback From parents and lunch time supervisors

Reliable Delivery

high food quality and business ethics

schoolboy holds a plate of food in school cafeteria
melon slices from schools menu
fish and chips school meal
pasta in tomato sauce
Pupils having healthy lunch in classroom
school lunch fresh fruit bowls
roast dinner schools catering
school lunch fresh vegetable ingredients

Fish Fridays

Healthy eating is a priority when choosing our school menus. So fish fridays make sure they get high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy fats needed for development.

Reliable Delivery

From oven to door in less than 30 minutes, our food is delivered locally on time, every time.

Dorset schools catering photograph crab apple catering

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Dorset schools Catering

Example School Menus



  • Meatballs in a tomato sauce with pasta and garlic bread, or
  • Vegetarian meatballs in a tomato sauce with pasta and garlic bread (v)


  • Freshly cut watermelon slices (v)



  • Succulent roasted chicken, roasted new potatoes and seasonal vegetables, or
  • Quorn roast, roasted new potatoes and seasonal vegetables (v)


  • Chocolate flapjack (v)



    • Mild chilli con carne with rice and nachos
    • Loaded potato skins, seasonal vegetables and nachos (v)


    • Marble cake (v)



      • Chicken goujon wrap, with cheese, lettuce and hash brown bites or
      • Vegetarian goujon wrap, with cheese, lettuce and hash brown bites (v)


      • Fresh fruit (v)



      • Fish fingers, potato bites and sweetcorn or
      • Vegetarian fingers, potato bites and sweetcorn (v)


      • Fruit crumble(v)

      We also cater to vegans, halal, and food intolerances

      please ask for more details

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