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School meals ordering user guide


Username & Password

  1. Enter your username and password (case sensitive)
  2. Click the arrow to login

Register For A New Account

Your Details

  • First and last name
  • Desired username and email Address
  • Full phone number
  • Choose a password you can remember

Add A Child

  • Choose a school from the dropdown
  • Child’s first and last names
  • Select year group
  • Notes and dietary requirements, intolerances, allergies etc.

N.B. More children can be added and details changed once registered and logged in

Lost Password?

Click ‘Contact Us’ and fill out form for a new password

School meals ordering user guide


Make A Booking

  1. First Select your child from the pull-down
  2. The menu is displayed under calendar so you can see the options available
  3. Using the calendar navigate to a day with the green button ‘click menu options’
  4. Click desired date (The menu for the date is then displayed)
  5. Select the menu option for the child
  6. Click save and view the next date(TO SKIP, do not select an option, click save and view the next date
  7. On the final date please select save and view date BEFORE Clicking Confirm and Pay, or navigating back to make a booking for another child

Confirm All Bookings

  1. Check through all bookings
  2. Delete any you don’t desire (If you delete by accident click Bookings, go to Make A Booking and select child again)

Continue To Payment

  1. Check order is correct
  2. Click Pay Now button

Billing Info

  • Your email address
  • Country
  • Mobile number (without the 0 on the front)
  • Address

Review And Confirm


  • Long card number
  • Name on the card
  • Card expiry date
  • CVC (the last 3 numbers on the back of the card)
  • Review And Confirm
  • Check/ change billing info
  • Check/ change card details

Click Confirm Payment or Cancel Payment (back to login)

View My Bookings

  1. Select a child from the pull-down menu
  2. Select and order date to view bookings ordered on that date

N.B. A printable meal report for all of your children can be found under Pupils > Pupil Meal Report

Current Menu

Displays our current menu, updated every three weeks

School meals ordering user guide


View Pupils

Displays a list of your children and their details

Add New Pupil

  1. Select school from pull down
  2. Enter first and last names
  3. Choose year group
  4. Add in any notes, dietary requirements, intolerances, allergies atc
  5. Click Register

Pupil Meal Report

Displays current selections for all children

  1. Click Print button to print a copy

School meals ordering user guide

Edit your profile

Edit Your Profile

Check and change any of your details on our system

School meals ordering user guide


Edit Your Profile

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