What we do

We adore food, people, music and wine. Food is powerful stuff, it brings people together and makes people happy. Food is fuel for life, love and inspiration.

Food should always be special, food shared with friends and family even more so.
Real food should be uplifting, good, wholesome and full of soul and joy.


We spend almost all our time around food, growing it, hunting it, foraging for it, pulling it out of the sea, preparing it and eating it. The best produce and food in Britain comes from Dorset and we want to cook with the best of the best.


We aspire to quality, rarity and freshness that simply can’t be bought anywhere else. If you want venison, cider, bread, crabs, lobster, vegetables, cheese or anything else then we’ll make it, catch it, brew it or grow it or make damn sure we know someone that can.